Tajikistan is a landlocked country of 8.7 million with high levels of poverty. An estimated 360,000 Tajiks are visually impaired. 287,000 of these people can be helped to see better and avoid blindness. Please support this effort to provide treatment and preventative eye care to thousands of people in Tajikistan.

Partner with us to bring comprehensive primary eye care to Tajikistan.


One of the poorest former Soviet republics, this mountainous region continues to struggle with the aftermath of a horrific civil war (1991-1997) and difficult socio-political and economic challenges. Due to lack of economic opportunities, some 2 million people, especially men, have migrated to Russia for work. Their remittances amount to 49% of the national gross domestic product (gdp). Almost 75% of the population is rural and 90% of the land is mountainous. 50% of the population is under 20 years old and those over 55 constitute just 10% of the population.

Eye Care in Tajikistan

Optometrists are almost non-existent in Tajikistan meaning that there is inadequate primary eye care. In 2010 some 77 ophthalmologists were reported in the country, that is, one ophthalmologist per 100,000+ people. As a consequence, emergency and urgent care is the principal paradigm of eye care. With the lack of primary eye care, preventable vision loss resulting from correctable refractive impairments or curable eye diseases disables large sections of the population. If not treated, many of these conditions can lead to permanent blindness. The cumulative socio-economic costs of these types of vision loss far exceed the needed investments in facilitating consistent high-level primary eye care.

Please partner with iCareForOurWorld to begin to stem this tide. Below are some objectives you can help attain through your generous donation.

Tajikistan Demographics

Population = 8,330,946 (2016) 8,742,000 (est. 2017)

0-14 years: 32.56% (male 1,380,959/female 1,331,790)
15-24 years: 19.04% (male 804,625/female 781,469)
25-54 years: 39.79% (male 1,640,657/female 1,674,198)
55-64 years: 5.37% (male 205,541/female 241,770)
65 years and over: 3.24% (male 112,279/female 157,658) 

Life expectancy: 69.3 years at birth

Ethnic groups: Tajik 84.3%, Uzbek 13.8% (inc Lakai, Kongrat, Katagan, Barlos, Yuz), other 2% (includes Kyrgyz, Russian, Turkmen, Tatar, Arab) (2010 est.)

Languages: Tajik (official), Russian widely used in government and business; note: different ethnic groups speak Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Pashto and a number of Pamiri languages

Religious affiliations: Muslims 90% (Sunni 85%, Shia 5%), other 10% (2003 est.)

Child malnutrition = 26.8%
Public Health expenditures = 2% of GDP (2014)
Hospital bed density = 5.5 beds/1,000 persons (2011)
Physicians density = 19.2 physicians/10,000 persons (2013)
Ophthalmologists = 77 (2010) 10 per million
Optometrists = 0 ?

Help us bring comprehensive eye care to Tajikistan

👀 5000+ eye exams
👀 Train 20+ healthcare workers to provide visual screenings
👀 Set-up 5 sustainable mobile eye care clinics to perform 20k+ screenings per year

🤓 Provide reading and prescription glasses for patients
😎 Provide basic sunglasses for children and vulnerable populations to protect their eyes from ultra violet exposures in High Mountain Regions

🍏 Conduct Nutrition for Eye Care seminars
🍏 Conduct Health Education seminars

▶︎ Link local eye care workers with specialists for tele-consultations
▶︎ Arrange specialist consultations for non-urgent cases
▶︎ Arrange urgent care of patients needing emergency attention

📲 Do Rapid Assessment of Avoidable Blindness (RAAB) studies
📲 Establish prevalence and levels of Diabetic Retinopathy
📲 Survey vision impairment and blindness in regional populations

sources: http://hdr.undp.org/en/2016-report

Your donations will help hundreds of people see better and will change the lives and futures of thousands.

Support: 5000+ eye exams; training for 20+ staff; 5 sustainable mobile eye clinics; glasses and medications; and much more...


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